Sisters in Islamic Banking: Female CEOs and Sharia-Compliant Finance

50 minutes

Women are still rare at the top rung of the banking industry, both in the West and in the Islamic world. However, a number of Malaysia’s Sharia-compliant financial companies offer excellent examples of the glass ceiling cracking. This program follows women who specialize in Islamic finance while forging careers which, in many ways, resemble those of Western career women. Fozia Amanulla discusses her goals and responsibilities as CEO of EON Cap Islamic Bank, while Raja Teh Maimunah, formerly Global Head of Islamic Markets at Bursa Malaysia, talks about her gradual realization of the benefits of Sharia finance. Noripah Kamso, CEO of CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management, describes her work with colleagues around the globe—supporting a view shared by all interviewees that Islamic finance will likely expand beyond the margins in non-Muslim markets