The formation of al-Andalus, Part 2: Language, Religion, Culture and the Sciences

Fierro, Maribel (editor) and Samso, Julio (editor)
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DP103 .M36 1998 PT.2
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Muslims -- Spain
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Spain -- Civilization -- 711-1516

The Formation of the Classical Islamic World / General Editor: Lawrence I. Conrad
Volume 47


Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction; Language and Religion: The language situation in al-Andalus, David Wasserstein; The end of written Ladino in al-Andalus, Roger Wright; The Christological consequences of Muslim-Christian confrontation in 8th-century Spain, Dominique Urvoy; Intellectual and Artistic Developments: The role of men of religion in the history of Muslim Spain up to the end of the Caliphate, Hussain Monés; Reflections on Malikism under the Umayyads of Spain, Hady-Roger Idris; Zuhhad of al-Andalus (300/912-420/1029), Manuela Marín; A report on the publication of previously unedited works by Ibn Masarra, Emilio Tornero; Some remarks on Fath al-Andalus, Claudio Sánchez Albornoz; Egypt and the origins of Arabic Spanish historiography: a contribution to the study of the earliest sources for the history of Islamic Spain, Mahmud ’Ali Makki; ’Abbas ibn Firnas, Elías Terés; An oriental tale in the history of al-Andalus, Fernando de la Granja; The basilica of San Vicente and the Great Mosque of Cordóba: a new look at the sources, Manuel Ocaña Jiménez; The Exact and Natural Sciences: ’Abd al-Malik ibn Habib’s Book on the Stars, Paul Kunitzsch; Books of Anwa’ in al-Andalus, Miquel Forcada; Indian astronomy in medieval Spain, David Pingree; The contents of Qasim ibn Mutarrif al-Qattan’s Kitab al-hay’a, Josep Casulleras; The mathematical works of Maslama of Madrid, Juan Vernet and María-Asuncíon Catalá; The ’Meridian of Water’ in the tables of geographical coordinates of al-Andalus and North Africa, Mercè Comes; Medicine in al-Andalus until the fall of the Caliphate, Margarita Castells; Sa’id ibn ’Abd Rabbih’s Urjuza fi l-tibb, Rosa Kuhne; Ibn Juljul’s treatise of medicaments not mentioned by Dioscorides, Ildefonso Garijo; Index.