The proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Urbanism in Islam (ICUIT II): November 27-29, 1990, the Middle Eastern Culture Center, Tokyo, Japan

International Conference on Urbanism in Islam (2nd: 1990 Tokyo, Japan)
Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan
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HT147.5 .I58 1990
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City planning -- Islamic countries
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Urbanization -- Islamic countries

Opening address / Kawatoko, M. -- In and out of Roman cities / Aoyagi, M. -- Towns in ancient Egypt : report and comments on archaeological research and architecture / Eigner, D. -- A comment on the Moroccan house / Jinnai, H. -- Small cities and big towns in ancient Mesopotamia : two examples from the 2nd and 1st millennium B.C. / Joannes, F. -- Urban settlements in ancient Egypt / Nur-El-Din, M.A. -- Urban and rural living as observed in Arabic literature : the concept of in and out / Nutahara, N. -- Identity of ancient Mesopotamian cities : urban view to and from the gate / Okada, Y. -- The role of courtyards in Sudanese houses / Omer, M.M. -- Diyarbakir : its history, settlement plan and problems / SoĢˆzen, M. -- The interior and exterior of the Iranian traditional houses / Talai, H. -- A study on plan and structure of traditional town-houses in Medina of Fez / Yamada, Y. -- The waqf in the Mamluk period / Amin, M.M. -- Awqaf during the late Mamluk period and the early Ottoman times in Palestine and Jordan / Bakhit, M.A. -- Islam and ideals of an economic system in urban centres of the Sokoto caliphate in pre-colonial Nigeria / Chafe, K.S. -- The waqf as a system of economic integration / Kato, H. -- Waqf-names in Central Asia / Kato, K. -- Charity and social work in medieval Europe : some remarks for a comparative study / Kawahara, A. -- Two working hypotheses of the waqf institution / Kikuchi, T.

The role of waqf foundation in the social economic history of Ottoman / Nagata, Y. -- Byzantine Empire / Otsuki, Y. -- Some financial aspects of the waqf system in medieval Egypt / Rabie, H. -- Keynote presentation : a challenge to the notion of Islamic cities / Goto, A. -- Urban transformation and political hegemonies : the seventeenth century Ottomanizing of Venetian Crete / Bierman, I.A. -- The comparative study of 'Islamic' cities / Eickelman, D.F. -- A challenge to the notion of Islamic cities / Hanafi, H. -- Islamic cities / Johns, A. -- The Islamic city in the Sub-Sahara : the case of Timbuktu, Mali / Sidi-Amar, O.E. -- Colonialism, 'tribalism' and Islam in the 20th century Sudan / Kurita, Y. -- Pastoral nomads and the city, with special reference to the Pashtun Pastoral nomads and bazaar cities in Afghanistan / Matsui, T. -- Islamization as a readjustment of the urbanizing process / Shimada, Y. -- Comment to 'a challenge to the notion of Islamic cities' / Shimizu, K. -- Town planning and traditional value (cultural patterns) : antinomy or complementary : the case of Algeria / Boumedine, R. -- Recycling positive aspects of tradition in contemporary cities : some issues for consideration / Hakim, B. -- Arriyadh diplomatic quarter : an attempt to contemporary applications of the Islamic city values / Othman, Z. -- The concept of modernization in Islam : the architectural debate / Serageldin, I.

The problems of urbanism in Central Asia (using the example of Tajikistan) / Shaheedi, M. -- The formation and development of the pattern of the urban settlements of the Huizu Muslims of the north-west region of China / Yu, Z.