Wildlife of Bahrain

Hill, Mike
Miracle Publishing
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Natural history--Bahrain

You will discover that the 33 islands and 710 square kilometers that make up the Kingdom of Bahrain are gifted with a wealth of natural resources, evidenced in its rich desert and marine environments which the book unveils in detail. Going back, it was the Sumerians who, over 5000 years ago, are said to have given the islands the illustrious title of ‘the Garden of Eden’. Whether this be fact or fiction, it appears that the same still holds true for the visitors and residents from the animal, mammalian and reptilian worlds. Today’s inhabitants of the land and of the seas of Bahrain enjoy and thrive on the security and serenity that a welcoming habitat provides. The natural wildlife of Bahrain and all it’s exquisite magnificence has been portrayed and depicted full in this book.

In spite of its small geographical size, Bahrain is an oasis for wildlife, strikingly exhibiting a rich diversity of animal and plant species. The coastal waters are known since antiquity for their pearl shells, crustaceans and an interesting variety of fish species. The shallow waters harbour an expansive sea-grass bed which plays a vital role in the livelihood of resident populations of the sea, including green turtles and sea cows, or dugongs.