A kid from Beni Suef

Khalil, Elhamy
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PE64.K43 A3 2018
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Egypt -- Biography

Out of Egypt: Volume 1

A Kid from Beni Suef is the first volume of a series by Dr. Elhamy Khalil about his life and times in Egypt and North America. In this book, he gives a vivid description of his life in the city of Beni Suef as a child and teenager covering his education in primary and secondary schools, as well as his family. He describes many aspects of life in the 1940s regarding social, religious, and recreational activities from a teenager’s point of view. He also describes his life in Cairo during his medical school years at Cairo University and his decision to come to America for further training. The following volumes will cover his life in the United States and Canada, his involvement in medical services for the handicapped in both countries, his activities in the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt and North America, and his travels around the world. Dr. Khalil was born in Egypt in 1935. He graduated from Cairo University in 1957 and came to North America in 1959, where he later earned a Master’s degree in public health from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a retired pediatrician who worked with the handicapped for over forty years, holding clinical, administrative, and teaching positions in several hospitals, institutions and universities in Canada and California. In 1963, he was a founding member of the Coptic Orthodox Association of America and is currently an active member of the Coptic Church in Los Angeles. Dr. Khalil lives in Huntington Beach, California.

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