Challenging Christian Zionism: Theology, Politics and the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Ateek, Naim, Cedar Duaybis, and Maurine Tobin (editors)
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DS150.5 .C43 2005
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Christian Zionism
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Arab-Israeli conflict

In April 2004, Sabeel Liberation Theology Center Jerusalem held its 5th International Conference on the theme of "Challenging Christian Zionism." This book contains the papers of that important, ground-breaking conference.

Christian Zionists and Christian Zionism, simply put, are terms used to identify any Christian who, due to a particular understanding and interpretation of the Bible, supports the ingathering of all Jews to Israel and their claim to the whole land of Palestine and, therefore, denies Palestinian rights. These Biblical literalists are convinced that the Bible contains important clues that could help them discern the signs of the times and the Second Coming.

The papers in this book make clear in great detail the history, theology, and politics of Christian Zionism.

The book is meant to inform and educate. It is meant to help readers challenge Christian Zionist neighbors with the truth and facts of what is happening in Palestine and how the Bible is being used as an instrument of oppression rather than as an instrument of liberation. It is meant to challenge clergy to take the time to study the phenomenon of Christian Zionism and to address it through their preaching and teaching. It is also meant to challenge us all to double our endeavours in seeking and working for a just peace in Israel-Palestine.